Communication for development award of excellence attributed to Forêts et Développement Rural

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Forêts et Développement Rural (FODER) was honoured with the communication for development award of excellence #C4D for the year 2017, thanks to the campaign for the total restoration of the 10% share of the annual forest royalty (#RFA) of communities. The prize was awarded by the organizing committee of the professional exhibition on communication for development (, Inter’activ Consulting, whom we thank for the recognition. This recognition greatly testifies the importance of the advocacy for the total restoration of the share of communities.

In three (3) years of advocacy, we have succeeded in making the authorities in charge of the management of this royalty to reintroduce 6.75% of the 10% that had been removed from the communities. We continue with the advocacy for the remaining 3.25% to be restored and for the decentralized management of this royalty to be eventually achieved. For Justin KAMGA, programme officer at FODER, “the C4D award of excellence for the year 2017 is a mark of recognition for FODER and its works for the defense and protection of community rights. It’s at the same time a barometer to assess the perception that external actors have of the work we are doing on a daily basis for a better governance of natural resources. Finally, it is an interpellation to not give up but to work harder so that natural resources efficiently contribute to the development of local and indigenous people”.  

The AFR advocacy engaged by the communities with FODER’s support is among the five good practices in communication for development at this C4D exhibition. This advocacy has two objectives: 1) ensuring that the 10% of Annual forest royalty of communities removed in the finance law 2015 are totally restored (1st step of the campaign), 2) influence so that the management of this royalty is decentralized (2nd step of the campaign).

The communication for development of this campaign for the restoration of AFR’s share of the communities is based on dialogue and participation (spaces like press conferences, informal and formal meeting were organized associating traditional chiefs). The objective is to turn these community leaders into actors of their own development. This participation is among the strategies used during the campaign for the total restoration of AFR of the communities, that is social mobilization and building synergies.


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